Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Eric C. Conn Questions and Anwsers... :)

Go For it Ask Anything?
WHEN WE ALL THOUGHT RACISM WAS DEAD!!!William Grover Arnett, a Salyersville attorney. His recent joke about president Clinton and black people, was no joke and it left nobody laughing! Is this the kind of man we want on a board in Kentucky, to help select workers' comp? law judges? Racism has no place anywhere especially the law!!!!
So today went to go see my love, But he was out of the office. :(
But I did manage to get some really good photos...

Mrs.Social Security

Hi! My name is Virginia A.K.A the future wife of Mr.Eric C. Conn I'm 25 years old and currently living in Prestonsburg ky. I'm Planning to move to Stanville Ky very soon. Well as soon as I accomplish my goal of marrying Mr.Social Security. His firm is located in Stanville so once we marry I'll have to join him there and live by his side as Mrs.Social Security. He is the greatest man alive. Eric is a 47 year old man, well established, handsome attorney who was raised in Stanville He graduated from Besty Lane Highschool He was in the Army during the gulf war, what a hero fighting for our country! right? But DON'T even think about it ladies!! His status is currently single..thats not gonna last long because im moving in on him. He will love me in no time.
Eric trys to keep his life secert..what he doesnt know is that it's impossible!! I know everything about him. From his DOB, to what grocery store he shops in. We have met a few times though he may not remember it, he soon wont be able to forget my face.
We have so much in commmon. Please see my blogs for more Eric C. Conn (the one, the only) information!!!!